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Hearing aids and batteries have to perform despite exposure to moisture, heat, wax and hair care products.

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To get the best performance and longest-life from both your hearing aids and batteries it is important to keep them clean. At your fitting, your AudioClinic Clinician will provide some cleaning tools and special instructions to help keep your instruments in top condition.


Helpful Guidelines

Here are a few guidelines to help manage your new hearing aids and batteries:

  • To preserve batteries when not in use, open the battery compartment
  • Always keep your instruments clean and dry
  • Make a habit of cleaning your hearing aids every day. Never use household cleaning fluids, oil or water. Use a dry cloth and a brush
  • Check the sound outlet and remove any earwax on a daily basis. Blocking of the sound outlet is a common reason for hearing aids to stop working
  • Always check to make sure you have removed your hearing aids and batteries before swimming, showering or applying hairspray
  • Consider buying an anti-humidity kit to protect against moisture and heat and to extend the life of your instruments 



Service Offers

Keep in touch with your local AudioClinic Hearing Clinic for cleaning and servicing of your instruments or if it’s been a while since your devices were fitted, come in for a follow up assessment to see how they are performing. Contact us today to make a booking here.