Image shows two hands exhanging hearing aid batteries

High-quality hearing aid batteries

Image shows size 10 batteries
Size 10 batteries
6 batteries per pack (yellow)
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Image shows size 312 batteries
Size 312 batteries
6 batteries per pack (brown)
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Image shows size 13 batteries
Size 13 batteries
6 batteries per pack (orange)
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Image shows size 675 batteries
Size 675 batteries
6 batteries per pack (blue)
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Compare hearing aid batteries

Using the comparison chart for battery color codes below, you will always know which battery size is right for your hearing aids. When you need to purchase new hearing aid batteries, you can simply compare the colored tabs on any batteries you have at home and match them to the table below. 

Size Color Code Typical Uses  Average Lifespan
675 Blue Power BTE 9-20 days
13 Orange BTE, ITE 6-14 days
312 Brown miniBTE, miniRITE, ITC 3-10 days
10 Yellow CIC, IIC 3-7 days

6 tips for getting the most out of your hearing aid batteries

  1. Hearing aid battery life expectancy
    Battery life can be between 3 to 10 days, depending on your hearing loss, the amount of time a hearing aid is worn, and the age of the batteries.
  2. The 5-minute rule for hearing aid batteries
    Allow the battery to rest for 5 minutes after removing the sticker. This resting time will enable the air to activate the battery, which can expand its life by days.
  3. Hearing aid battery bounce test
    Drop the batteries on the table from a height of around 10-15 cm. If the batteries bounce several times, you should replace them.
  4. Conserve your hearing aid battery life
    You can conserve battery life by keeping the battery door open when you remove your hearing aids at night.
  5. What should you do with old hearing aid batteries?
    Many hearing aid centers allow you to drop off old batteries for recycling.
  6. Store hearing aid batteries
    You should store batteries in a dry place at room temperature.
Image shows two hearing aid being recharged

Hearing aids with rechargeable batteries

Rechargeable hearing aid batteries means that you don’t have to buy new batteries or throw away used batteries. Its beneficial for both your wallet and the environment.

  • No need to replace batteries weekly (rechargeable batteries have a life expectancy of approximately 3 years)
  • Simply recharge your hearing aids at night
  • Achieve a full charge with just 3-4 hours of charging time
  • Save money over time
Rechargeable hearing aids

Rechargeable hearing aids vs. traditional disposable batteries

When choosing the most optimal battery solution for you, it can be helpful to reflect on your personal needs and lifestyle. The selection criteria below is designed to help you discover the ideal battery choice for you.

Rechargeable batteries Disposable batteries
Practical and easy to handle Universally available
Overnight charge lasts all day Batteries can be replaced on-the-go
Rechargeable feature is limited to select hearing aid types Handling of batteries can be fiddly
More environmentally friendly
Less environmentally friendly

FAQ about hearing aids batteries

Please note a worn-out battery should be removed immediately and disposed of accordingly. Remember that batteries and hearing aids should be kept out of reach of children and pets. If you suspect a child has swallowed or inserted a hearing aid battery immediately call the 24-hour Poisons Information Centre on 13 11 26 for fast, expert advice.