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Resources for hearing aid users

On this page you can learn how to:

  1. Maintain your hearing aids
  2. Troubleshoot common hearing aid issues
  3. Benefit from hearing aid accessories
  4. Benefits of regular check ups
  5. How long do Hearing Aids last?

You are always welcome to get in touch if you have any questions or need our help.

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1. Troubleshoot common hearing aid issues

When you have problems with your hearing aids, it can be difficult to know if your device needs an adjustment or a repair.

Using the link below to read about how to troubleshoot the most common issues with hearing aids. For assistance, you can call us at 1800 340 631.

Hearing aid adjustment and repair
Find a hearing care expert in your area

3. Hearing aid accessories

Explore an assortment of high-tech hearing aid accessories, and learn how they can improve your hearing experience and enhance your hearing aid's performance.
Accessories for connectivity

Image shows ConnectClip
With the ConnectClip, you can turn your hearing aids into a wireless headset and use the ConnectClip as your remote microphone or remote control.
Image shows Remote Control
Remote Control
The Remote Control accessory allows you to adjust your hearing aid's volume setting, switch between programs, and mute / unmute your device.
Image shows TV adapter
TV adapter
The TV adaptor allows you to stream sounds directly from your TV to your hearing aids. This allows you to personalize the volume level to your needs (without affecting the volume for those watching with you).
Image shows Phone adapter
Phone adapter
The Phone Adapter connects your landline phone wirelessly to both your hearing aids and the ConnectClip. During a call, your hearing aids become the headset, and the ConnectClip serves as a microphone.
Image shows EduMic
EduMic is a wireless remote microphone accessory that is often used in a classroom setting. The EduMic is worn by the teacher, and it sends sound directly into the students' hearing aids and balances out unwanted background noise.
Image shows SafeLine
SafeLine is a retention cord for customers who enjoy an active lifestyle. The cord attaches to both your hearing aids and your shirt collar so that you can be sure your devices won't be lost or damaged if they fall off.

4. How long do hearing aids last?

Hearing aids have a life of approximately 5 years.

You may look at upgrading if:

  1. Your hearing aids are not working properly
  2. You are noticing changes in your hearing ability
  3. You  want to try better technology
  4. Your hearing or lifestyle has changed

You are very welcome to contact us if you are considering a new Hearing Aid or would like further advice.

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