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hearing aids in recharging dock


Re-charge your hearing.

Receive a FREE Re-charging Dock with the purchase of a pair of re-chargeable hearing aids.

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Managing hearing loss may help prevent dementia

Hearing loss could lead to lowered mental stimulation, and isolation. It is thought, managing hearing loss may help protect against cognitive decline by keeping the brain actively engaged in everyday life.

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Test my hearing 

* Results provide a preliminary indication only and do not replace a full hearing test. 

Our clinics are open and ready to help  

As a health care provider, your health and safety is our priority, you can be assured that we have introduced a range of measures to ensure the safety of both our clients and our team members.

Remote Care

If you are unable to visit your local clinic you can use the Audika Hearing Care Help Line. This service allows you to connect with an Audika local expert via phone, video call or online, on your hearing questions and request batteries to be mailed to you.

Even if you are not an existing Audika client, our local experts will only be too happy to help. Contact us on 0800 001 726 or Live chat. Available Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm.


Do you have hearing loss?

Do you have hearing loss? Our online hearing test will give you a clear indication of how well you are hearing, using background noise and self-evaluation questions.


Online hearing test

The path to better hearing may be easier than you think

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    Book an appointment or contact us online to find a clinic near you.

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    We have over 30 hearing clinics around New-Zealand. Visit your local clinic and have your hearing checked by one of our clinicians.

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    3. Enjoy

    Enjoy the benefits of better hearing.


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