Insuring your hearing aids

and what to do if something happens to them.

Do you have household contents insurance?

If you have household contents insurance, it’s possible your hearing aids are automatically covered under your policy. But because of their high value, we recommend you contact your insurance company to have them specified on your policy. That way, you have peace of mind they’re covered if anything happens to them.

Follow these steps if something happens to your hearing aids


Lost hearing aids or damaged beyond repair?


Call your local Audika clinic
We are here to assist you, to ensure the claim process with your insurance company is as painless as possible. Book in an appointment to ensure there’s no delay in replacing your hearing aids and investigate receiving temporary replacements.


Contact your insurance company
Contact your insurance company to initiate a claim. You maybe be offered the option of a cash settlement or for a preferred insurance provider to supply new hearing aids. It’s a big enough hassle having lost or damaged your hearing aids, the last thing you want to do is start from scratch elsewhere. Therefore, if you want your replacement aids fitted through Audika, please request a cash settlement in accordance with your policy and receive a claim number.


Replace your hearing aids
Once your cash settlement is approved, just give your local Audika Clinic a call back and they’ll get you sorted with replacement aids and back to loving your ears again as quick as they can.
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