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Which hearing aids is right for me?

"by " Albert Stein

Different hearing aid styles may be best suited to different people. This is because hearing aids are tailored to cater to a variety of requirements, each providing unique solutions to a range of hearing loss conditions. Technological advancements has enabled hearing aids to grow increasingly small in size, yet ultimately more powerful in nature. In you're unsure just which hearing aid style is best for you, take a look at this guide.

For hearing aids that are hard to detect with the naked eye, try invisible-in-the-canal designs. These fit deep in the ear canal and are nearly invisible, making them incredibly discreet. The custom made instruments are tailored to the individual user, however they are not suitable for everyone due to their restrictions on ear canal size and shape as well as hearing loss to allow it to fit properly.

In-the-ear aids sit snugly in your ear, with no wires or tubes but a slightly more visible design than some other options. These aids are custom-made and suit the contours of your ears, and are suitable for moderate to severe levels of hearing loss. For some people even more powerful amplification can be achieved with custom earpieces which are hearing aids neatly fitted behind the ear. Their longer battery life makes them ideal for stronger amplification needs.

Receiver-in-the-ear aids are the most popular style of hearing devices, with good reason. They are comfortable in the ear, very lightweight and small, and benefit from the ability to control the level of natural sound entering the ear, making them very user-friendly. These devices suit most levels of hearing loss and are available in a variety of colours to make them appealing to almost anyone.

If you think you may benefit from hearing aids, a hearing check may be necessary. Click here to book an appointment at your local Audika or call 0800 001 726.