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How taking action on your hearing can help relieve stress

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2/03/2022 12:00:00 AM • 3 min to read

Have you made your first hearing check appointment? That's amazing – you're on your way to helping to improve your hearing, and your life. That said, we understand your first hearing check can be a little stressful. No one wants to have a hearing problem!

However, if you know what to expect for your first check, you'll be able to stop stressing and just relax, because there's really nothing to worry about at all. If you think you may have hearing loss, getting a hearing check could potentially relieve stress instead of cause it. Here is how.

Undiagnosed hearing loss creates more stress

The longer you procrastinate your hearing check, the worse your stress levels are likely to be! If you're worried something is wrong with your hearing, it's only going to be more stressful not knowing what the exact problem is, as opposed to finding out what can be done to help. Once you make the appointment and are on the path to finding a solution, you're likely to feel a massive weight off your shoulders.

The checks are non-invasive and don't hurt  

Sometimes, people avoid their doctor’s appointments because they're afraid certain procedures may be painful. Let's take the stress out of that fear right now – hearing checks are in no way painful! During the check, you are simply asked some questions about your hearing issues and ear health before donning some headphones or earphones and being asked to respond to a series of soft tones and beeps. At the end of the check, you will get your results. Easy and painless!

You can bring a friend

The closer the friend, the better.
Don't want to go in alone? That's okay, we actually welcome you bringing a buddy to your appointment! The closer the friend or family member, the better. This is because not only can they help calm your nerves, but also it gives our expert team a better idea of the impact of your hearing difficulties and provide support so you decide on the best hearing solution possible. A second set of ears can also help you take in new information about your hearing situation, which can be a lot all at once for just one person.  

No more stressing! If you are over 18, just get your hearing checked out by clicking here to make a booking for a hearing check, or call us on 0800 569 152 today. 

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