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What will it be like to wear my hearing aids for the first time?

"by " Albert Stein

If you've just been fitted with your first pair of hearing aids, congratulations! You're about to hear what you've been missing.

It's natural to be a little cautious and unsure about wearing your aids for the first time, however, and many people do experience a short adjustment period before the devices become a natural part of their everyday lives. Prepare yourself for your new hearing adventure by reading this guide.

When you're fitted with your hearing aids for the first time, make sure you discuss it with your clinician and read all the information you're given to ensure you understand what to expect from your hearing aids. Get familiar with the devices and learn how they work with you to enhance your hearing.

While hearing aids can be an incredibly valuable addition to your life, don't expect them to be perfect right away. Wearing these devices may feel and sound a little unusual the first time you put them in, and it can be slightly overwhelming to hear sounds you had forgotten about. Give yourself time to adjust to your devices and wear them for short periods at a time initially, before building up to wearing them for nearly all waking hours of the day.

It's likely that voices and sounds will seem a lot louder than they do normally, and you may experience all-new sounds when you first wear your hearing aids. While this can seem overwhelming initially, you will quickly become used to it. If you are still uncomfortable after a few days of wearing your hearing aids, try turning the volume down or speak with your clinician for further assistance.