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What is a hearing aid add-on?

"by " Albert Stein

Did you know you can actually accessorise your hearing solution? You may have regarded your hearing loss situation in a negative light, because for many, hearing loss of any degree can be quite frightening, but the correct way to accept it is to accept it as a part of you and turn it into a positive. Just gathering the courage to admit there might be a problem with your hearing is a huge step in the right direction, and you'll soon come to realise that hearing loss is quite treatable.

That being said, with all the modern hearing loss technologies and innovations that are available to us, these conditions are no longer disabling. In fact, did you know you can actually accessorise your hearing solutions? These enhance and personalise even the most minute facets of the hearing aid user's life. Introducing ConnectLine from Oticon, a device that streamlines all your communication-based needs!

Now you're probably wondering how ConnectLine's add-ons work. Well, wonder no more, and just read up on this amazing technology below.

ConnectLine's core is run via Streamer Pro – a piece of technology that ultimately acts as your personal remote control that allows you to manage audio-based information right from your connected device. It essentially converts your hearing aid into a wireless headset. This means you can tune into frequencies from radios, televisions, phones and even the computer, to transmit sounds right into your ears with no delay. It's kind of like having a personal surround sound system, and you'll likely never again feel like you're one step behind.

Get back to life with ConnectLine and Streamer Pro technologies

The Streamer Pro's control centre is worn around your neck, and is looks similar to an MP3 player. This allows you to quickly move between your phone, television or microphone. One of the amazing perks of this technology is that you never have to miss out on a conversation or a line of your favourite television character again because the sound goes directly to your ears and filters out background noises. Once you get your device, customise the settings and get back to enjoying life at full volume!

Sounds like a good deal, right? Now that there is no reason not to get your hearing condition looked at, click here to make a booking for a no cost* hearing test, or call us on 0800 001 726 today.