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Frequently asked questions about hearing aids

"by " Albert Stein

Hearing aids are simple devices that allow someone with hearing loss access to a much wider soundscape. They're easy to configure and use, and come in many shapes and sizes. In fact, some are so small, they're almost indistinguishable when worn!

However, the technology inside these small devices are less than simple. Many delicate components make up the complex technology that is hearing aids, and sometimes, they don't always perform as required.

Here are frequently asked questions about hearing aids, troubleshooting and solutions. 

There is no quick answer to this – it highly depends on your degree of hearing loss, and how you implement your new devices in day to day wear.

Gradual wear is recommended to help your ears adjust to them, but it's up to you to decide how often you wear them. If you have any questions, it's wise to ask an audiologist.

Have your hearing aids been whistling? They shouldn't be.

First, check to see if the hearing aid is on – it's easily forgotten! Next, double check that the battery is still working. The best way will be to insert a new battery and see if your hearing aid works.

If it's none of these, the sound channel may be blocked with wax, which requires cleaning.

The sounds are distorted – help!

Modern technology has been developed to deliver clear sounds. If sound is too distorted to hear, your battery may be low, or the settings need to be recalibrated.

Change the battery first, make sure the new one is inserted properly, and if still not working, bring it back into a Audika clinic to have the settings adjusted.

Ear wax can block your hearing aids from working - make sure you keep your devices clean.

If you're experiencing whistling or feedback (and you're sure it's not tinnitus!), there could be several reasons. Excessive buildup of earwax could be the issue, which requires treatment. Other reasons could be a bad fit of the device in your hear – make sure it fits snugly.

Check the tubing of your BTE hearing aids. It could be split, causing the whistling, and will need to be taken into a clinic for repair.

Any time you're uncertain about your hearing aids, it's best to come in and get an expert to check it over. This prevents unnecessary damage done to the device, and the correct solution can be found.

Other times, it could just be you need a new hearing aid, either an upgrade or a replacement. Click here to make a booking for a consultation, or call us on 0800 001 726.