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Why is it important to keep your diabetes under control?

"by " Albert Stein

Diabetes is a prevalent health condition in Australia that affects around 1.7 million Australians*. It can develop during any stage of our lives, and unfortunately, is yet to have a cure.

However, living with diabetes is very easily manageable. By getting the upper hand and being in control of this condition, we can enhance our quality of life, which extends to our hearing health.

Diabetes comes in different forms, and all can have a massive impact on our emotional, mental and physical health.

As with any situations in life, the key to tackling these issues is by knowing how and why, before we address what we can do. Diabetes comes in a few different forms, and reading up about the specific type you have is the first step on getting a grasp of your situation.

The human body is very complex, and unfortunately, things don't always run smoothly like an oiled engine. With diabetes, it is the inability of the pancreas to produce enough insulin to turn sugars we eat (glucose) into energy. We can supplement this with insulin injections, but by changing some lifestyle habits, we can keep our blood sugar levels in check.

Hearing loss is another problem that can affect us at any time. While the risks do tend to be higher the older we are, if we have diabetes, we are more likely to develop hearing loss – hence the importance of keeping our blood sugar levels under control.

It's also our hearing which affects many other aspects of our wellbeing. To look after our hearing, we can first look towards managing our diabetes.

Here are some tips:

  • A well-balanced meal means we have control how much glucose enters our body.

  • Regular exercise can help our muscles better process sugar into energy, lowering our blood sugar level.

  • Drink plenty  of water as sufficient fluid intake helps our bodies work efficiently.

  • Consistency ensures we test our blood sugar levels regularly and don't skip on any meals or medication.

  • A good treatment plan, including emergency supplies, is useful if we are out and about.

Is your hearing health at risk from your diabetes?

By having good control over our diabetes, we can reduce the risks of developing hearing loss. While scientists have yet to determine the exact cause of hearing loss from diabetes, a likely reason is that diabetes can cause damage to the blood vessels in our inner ear.

Of course, getting a handle on diabetes doesn't necessarily mean we won't experience any changes in our hearing. We should still be getting regular hearing checkups to ensure the health of our ears is in good condition. You can click here to make a booking for a hearing test, or call us on 1800 340 631 today.

*Diabetes Australia, Facts about diabetes. Accessed July, 2016.