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Looking after your hearing health this summer

"by " Albert Stein

Sun's here, fun's here, and so are many summery events that you're probably eager to attend. Whether it be a party, parade or festival, all of these have one thing in common – loud noises.

If you have hearing loss, you'll need to take extra care to protect your hearing. It doesn't mean avoiding these social events, but rather, taking preventative measures to avoid further damage to your ears.

Here are some tips on looking after your hearing health this summer.

With the weather clearing up, there's likely to be a lot more concerts that you'll want to attend, as well as outdoor festivals. Just like any other season, you should invest in a good pair of ear plugs. Customised ones will ensure that they fit your ears as best as possible.

It's a good idea to own a pair of waterproof hearing aids for concerts and festivals.

Warmer weather and festivals means your hearing aids will be exposed to more dust, dirt and sweat than other times of the year. While many hearing solutions offer protection against everyday wear with nano-coated technology, it's still important to keep your aids clean as possible for efficient function. You could also opt for waterproof hearing aids, which offer better resistance against moisture – your audiologist should be able to help you find the right hearing solutions.

Waterproof resealable bags (used for sandwiches) are a handy item you'll want to make the most of as they can keep your hearing aids dry and safe from debris during your festivities.

Hitting the Australia's picturesque beaches are a must during the summer season. However, along with beaches, you'll get sand, salt and water, all of which can damage your hearing solution. Again, waterproof ones will be most suitable for wear while tanning, but you also need to be mindful of how your delicate technology will fare at the beach.

Make sure you bring along a case or a waterproof bag to store your aids when you take them off to go swimming. Store them in the shade, avoiding long hours of exposure to the hot sun as the batteries in your hearing aid are extremely sensitive to heat.

Hearing loss doesn't mean you have to miss out on summer fun.

Many warm mornings, you may wake up to the irritating sounds of lawn mowers. This is just one example of sounds you're likely to experience more during summer. You can't exactly ask your neighbours to not cut their grass, so being prepared and having ear plugs on hand to block out the noise can prevent both hearing damage, and possibly a headache too!

Of course, the best way to look after your hearing this summer is to make sure you have the correct hearing solutions for your unique situation. Call 1800 340 631 to chat to an audiologist about your options, or click here to make a booking for a hearing test today.