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How to keep your ears healthy

"by " Albert Stein

It is important to look after your ears – not only do they let you hear what is going on but they can also help you balance.

Below are some of the ways you can keep your ears healthy and happy.

Exposure to one-off very loud noises can be just as damaging as exposure to constant moderately loud sounds. If you are going to be exposed to noise, it is best to take all precautions, whether that be wearing ear protectors or minimising the sound.

Listening to music at high levels can cause damage to your ears as they are not built to withstand the noise. In the ear buds are more damaging as the sound is closer to your ear drum. To best protect your ears, only listen to music on your MP3 player for around 60 minutes per day and keep the volume down to 60 per cent of full capacity.

It is enough to clean the outside of your ears with a flannel or face cloth. Using something such as a cotton bud inside your ear can cause the wax to become impacted.

If, however, wax has become a problem, you should visit your local clinician or doctor to safely remove it.

Swimmer’s ear is a common problem and it is important your ears are kept free from wax and other debris if you swim regularly as bacteria can get caught inside and cause problems. Avoid swimming in dirty water as this may increase your risk.

After swimming you should make sure your ear is clean and dry. Shake out excess water if you can feel it swishing around your ear.

If you notice any pain or swelling, consult your GP or a trained clinician for advice as you may need a course of antibiotics to treat an infection.