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How might hearing loss affect your working life?

"by " Albert Stein

While hearing loss has traditionally been linked with the more senior members of society, more and more young people are experiencing this issue.

According to the Better Health Channel, hearing loss can now be estimated to affect around 22 per cent of the general population of Australia.

Any impairments to your hearing can make it harder to interact with people, and you may find this of particular concern while you are in the workplace.

It can make it tricky to ensure you are communicating well with work colleagues and your employer.

Often people with hearing loss struggle in situations where there is background noise such as in a conference or meeting, but you may also find it hard to hear on the phone or when you cannot see the other person’s face.

People affected by hearing loss often become withdrawn and socially isolated and may find it harder to reach out for further job opportunities because of impaired communication.

This could limit you in your career choices unless you seek help to improve your hearing.

There are many devices on the market these days that could help you to better understand your peers and bosses.

Hearing aids are a great option and many discreet choices can help you keep your hearing loss under wraps from your colleagues if you don’t yet feel comfortable to share your condition.

When you visit your local clinician, he or she will be able to make a recommendation based on your lifestyle and individual circumstances. If you often attend work dinners and conferences your requirements will be different to someone working in a quieter and smaller office environment.

You could also consider amplifiers to make the volume on your phone louder.

Discussing your needs with your workmates may also help you – it may be they can move to a more brightly lit room or speak more slowly. Sometimes it also helps if they know to rephrase something rather than repeat it verbatim.