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How is your hearing loss impacting your relationship?

"by " Albert Stein

To be able to journey through life together with a loved one sharing the same memories and experiences is a wonderful feeling. That's why if one of you is experiencing hearing loss, it can impact a relationship and maybe even cause strain and tension.

It can be difficult to accept that your hearing may not be how it used to be, but even more so to admit that it might be affecting your relationships with your loved ones. This just highlights how important it is to get your hearing checked regularly, because if there is an existing condition, the support from your family and friends will prove invaluable.

Your loved one may be the first person to notice changes in your hearing.

Take the strain off your relationship and your health by getting your regular hearing test done.

There are a few early signs of hearing loss:

  • Everyday conversations heard as mumbling

  • Having to turn the television volume up

  • Trouble understanding voices through the phone

  • Background noise filtering out other sounds

Part of the process of dealing with a loss of hearing is realising the impact it has on not only yourself, but also the people around you. This is why it's important to have the support of a close friend or significant other. It's possible that they might be the first person to pick up on any changes with your hearing. If they point it out to you, it's understandable that you may take a while to accept the news and act on it. However, from their point of view, they are just looking out for your health.

The Royal National Institute for Deaf People compiled a report on how a partner takes part in the life of someone with hearing loss1. It pinpointed the important responsibilities that a partner carries out, such as providing support, bridging communication gaps, seeking the right solution and also building up a database of crucial information to help their loved one.

Having someone there to lean on can prove to be invaluable when learning to life with a hearing impairment.

It starts with going to get a hearing test done, and the friendly team at Audika are here to help. Click here for a check, or give us a call on 1800 340 631.

*RNID, In It Together. Accessed April, 2016.