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How does the Via Colori help those with hearing loss?

"by " Albert Stein

Via Colori is a street painting festival that helps to raise money for children affected by hearing loss. This event has been operating since 2005, and has raised more than $1.5 million since its first outing in Houston, America.

The festival raises money for and awareness of the Center for Hearing and Speech, and has both corporate sponsors and more than 200 artists coming together from all over the world to help out. The main aim of the event is to raise money for kids with hearing loss, but it also features plenty of fun and entertainment to please guests of all ages.

Now one of Houston’s signature art festivals, the two-day event is free to the public and sees the city streets come alive with art and celebration. The 2014 theme was The Art of Sound, which saw artists inject music and rhythm into their designs. There was also 3D chalk art to decorate the footpaths, with a ticketed Mood Lounge featuring mini events to cater to different dispositions. More than 25,000 visitors attend the event each year, making it a significant one on Houston’s calendar. People can support the festival by sponsoring an artist, volunteering, attending the event and spreading awareness of its cause.

The Center for Hearing and Speech teaches deaf children to listen and speak without sign language, and providers further assistance to those young people suffering from hearing loss. It uses tools such as hearing aids, cochlear implants and intensive speech therapy to give children the gift of hearing and speaking. If your child suffers from some degree of hearing loss, find out more about Audika range of hearing aids by clicking here to book an appointment, or call 1800 340 631.