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Athletes with hearing loss

"by " Albert Stein

Even if you don’t like sports, you can’t deny the impressive amount of work that athletes have dedicated to perfect their speed, aim, strength and agility. Truly, not everyone can be one of the best athletes in the world. However, there are some who had to overcome a lot more than others in order to achieve greatness. Who are we talking about? Athletes with disabilities, of course.

While there are many notable athletes, we’re here to focus on and give major props to those who compete who have some sort of hearing loss condition. Being diagnosed with hearing loss is never easy for anyone to comprehend, but especially so for someone who constantly listens to directives from coaches and teammates. Let’s take a look at some of the inspiring stories of athletes in the hearing loss community.


Some athletes have to train just a little bit harder.

U.S. Women’s National Basketball Team player Tamika Catchings is not just a basketball pro, she is a three-time Olympic gold medalist. She was diagnosed with moderate to severe hearing loss at a young age. Though she struggled at first, she eventually found basketball as her salvation and made it her career. Catchings explains that she never found her hearing loss as a big challenge when playing basketball because the communication involved is all about sign language anyway – she just has to look around and see who is signalling to her. Catchings is a true role model for those in the hearing loss community.

Marcus Titus is a swimmer who was born deaf. In the pool, Titus had to rely on the visual cues of other swimmers diving into the water, until U.S. Swimming banned the use of hand signals to start races. Titus made it his goal to reverse this rule for other swimmers with hearing loss, and was ultimately victorious. He is therefore not only a legend in the water, but also a champion for those who have hearing loss conditions as well.

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