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3 things women do that may damage their hearing

"by " Albert Stein

As women go about their daily lives, they may not realise that some of their habits may be affecting their hearing.

While these activities may seem common, you may want to reassess them.

Any loud noises can impact your hearing whether it is a very loud once-off sound or a less loud sound that is repeated over time. 

A hairdryer provides around 70 decibels of sound – around the same as heavy traffic. However, this can depend on the settings and model used.

If the noise leaves your ears ringing or you need to raise your voice to be heard then your hairdryer is loud enough to affect your hearing.

While any loud sounds could damage your hearing, music played through headphones is of particular concern as the music is closer to your ear, potentially causing more damage.

Remember, if someone else can hear the song you are playing on your MP3 player, it is probably too loud. The volume should be comfortable and you should ensure you take the headphones out from time to time to allow your ears to rest.

Using hairspray may be part of your beauty regime, but it can cause problems with your ears and hearing.

As it is applied close to your ears, it can easily get into your ear and prevent earwax that would otherwise have fallen out naturally, to get stuck.

For some people the hairspray may irritate the delicate ear canal skin. This could cause your ear to itch. If you scratch it you can damage the skin in the ear canal and this may lead to infection such as otitis externa or swimmers ear.

This can lead to temporary hearing loss as your ears may feel blocked or full. 

If you're concerned your habits are harming your hearing, simply have your hearing checked with a Audika Clinician. Click here to book or call 1800 340 631.