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How to help a loved one living with hearing loss

"by " Albert Stein

When you're part of a family, you'd do anything to protect them and ensure that they are happy at all times. However, hardships do happen, whether in the form of heartache, distress and illness. If a loved one has recently been diagnosed with hearing loss, it's important that they receive your support through what can be a tricky time.

Here are three tips that can help you support a loved one living with hearing loss.

Whether it's a little or a lot, losing one of your most important senses can be a scary thing. In order for your loved one to adapt to their hearing loss, it's crucial that they understand exactly what it is, how it will impact them and exactly how they can live with it.

Hearing loss can be a tricky topic to wrap your head around, so don't bombard them with science-y talk. Instead, relay the basics so that they feel comfortable explaining their condition to peers, employees and anyone else who may need to know. This may include possible causes, treatments and where to find professional help.

Hearing loss can be a tricky topic to wrap your head around, so don't bombard them with science-y talk.

Missing auditory cues and struggling to keep up with conversations – especially in noisier environments – are both common problems for people living with hearing loss. Not everyone they interact with will understand which methods of communication are the most effective, but you will. Take the time to work with your loved one and come up with a range of communication practises that best suit them and their needs. This may include talking slower and speaking louder, maintaining eye contact and facing them when talking. This will show your support and demonstrate that you are here to help.

Supporting a loved one living with hearing loss is easier than you may think.

Nowadays, hearing aids are sleek, stylish and extremely discreet. Not only are all of Audika's hearing solutions aesthetically pleasing, they're also highly advanced and can be personalised so that your loved one can receive a customised hearing aid with their preferences and lifestyle needs in mind.

Enjoy clearer and amplified sounds, reduced listening effort and less noise distortion, even in challenging environments. 

For more information on our technologically advanced hearing aids, call the team at Audika on 1800 340 631. If you would like to test your own hearing abilities, request a hearing assessment today.