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Healthy hearing and a happy mind

"by " Albert Stein

International Ear Care Day is on March 3*. The aim of such an event is to promote and raise awareness about ear and hearing care worldwide. That's because a hearing impairment, such as presbycusis, or age-related hearing loss, can happen so gradually due to small changes in your middle or inner ear that when it is finally detected, it is a serious problem.

A hearing impairment can be frustrating as it becomes more difficult to communicate effectively. Feelings of anxiety, stress, fatigue and isolation arise, which can affect the state of a person's mental health.

That's why it's crucial to get regular hearing checks, especially if you notice even the slightest change. Hearing loss is incurable, but can be prevented from progressing as quickly if it's detected and diagnosed early on. Left untreated, it can impact your quality of life and, as mentioned before, your mental health.

It's unsurprising that a hearing impairment can affect your mood. You're left out of important conversations, can't connect with your loved ones on the same level, and can be left feeling isolated as life around you carries on despite your difficulties.

A study, recently conducted by Dr. Chuan-Ming Li et al. has found a strong correlation between hearing loss and an increased risk of developing a mental health condition*. The findings show that those who reported a moderate level of hearing loss were also the most significant group with lower mood levels and mental wellbeing.

The Australian Network on Disability has found that one in six Australians suffer from a hearing impairment – however, that doesn't mean they're all getting the treatment they need.

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