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Hearing aid maintenance

On this page you can learn how to take care of your hearing aids and get the most out of them, through connecting your hearing aids to other devices and accessories.  

Please use our easy videos and how-to guides, where you can learn how to change batteries or domes, clean your hearing aids, or connect hearing aids to the TV or music streamer.


See how-to videos for your hearing aids


Download guides for your hearing aids


Audika Hearing Care Help Line

You are always welcome to contact us for further assistance with your hearing aids or hearing aid accessories ay the Audika Hearing Care Help Line on 0800 001 726 or via Live Chat. Available Monday to Friday 9am -5pm.

Changing batteries, domes and ear wax filters


Maintaining and cleaning your hearing aid


Using your hearing aids


Connecting your hearing aids to devices and accessories

Connectivity depends on the particular features of your hearing aids, which may differ depending on make and model. Not all hearing aids have connectivity capability. Check instructions for use for your hearing aid(s).

Please note a worn-out battery should be removed immediately and disposed of accordingly. Remember that batteries and hearing aids should be kept out of reach of children and pets. If you suspect someone has swallowed or inserted a hearing aid battery, immediately call the 24-hour National Poisons Centre on 0800 764 766. Always read the label and follow instructions.