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Receiver in the ear (RITE)

Receiver in the ear hearing aids, are similar to the BTE hearing aids. RITE hearing aids are lightweight, are a smaller model and are more discreet. These hearing aids may provide you with a more comfortable fit1.

About RITE hearing aids 

  • Receiver in the ear


    Receiver in the ear hearing aids, also known as miniRITE is another common hearing aid style and is a smaller version of the behind the ear hearing aid. Similar to the behind the ear hearing aids, the reciever in the ear hearing aids electronics are housed in a compact case that sits behind the ear. The sound is transmitted via a discreet, hair-fine wire to the receiver seated inside your ear canal, close to the eardrum making this style more discreet.

    An individual moulded ear piece or silicon dome holds the loudspeaker in place in the ear. The candidacy of RITE hearing aids depends on the type of hearing loss you may have1Receiver in the ear hearing aids come in a variety of colours including neutral colours to match your hair and skin tone, making them cosmetically appealing. 

    They are less noticeable than traditional BTE hearing aids but may be more vulnerable to earwax build-up and moisture. With the receiver being in the ear, it may be damaged by wax as opposed to a BTE mould. However, as the dome is less occluding, this can sometimes slow down wax production due to better aeration.

    We advise you to speak with your hearing healthcare expert for more guidance on RITE hearing aids.

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