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Hearing aid brands

Hearing aid brands

Our sense of hearing is a precious link to the world around us; it's important to have the ability to communicate our thoughts, needs and emotions with the people we share our lives with. At Audika, we have a variety of hearing aid brands as we believe in personalised hearing care, because we know that every individual is unique. 

We offer a range of hearing aid styles with advanced features of technology, from a variety of top hearing aid brands such as Oticon. Our relationship with our leading hearing healthcare manufacturers may assure us instant access to new technologies and features.

What are the hearing aid brands at Audika?

  • Hearing aid brand - Oticon


    Since 1904, the Danish company Oticon has been at the absolute forefront of technology that improves the lives of people with hearing loss.
    Driven by uncompromising innovation, Oticon is among the three largest hearing aid brand providers in the world, and has won over 20 awards for their
    development achievements.

    Oticon hearing aids

  • Hearing aid brand - Sonic


    In Australia, Sonic is a hearing aid brand that is among one of the largest most versatile distributors of audiological equiment. The success of Sonic has been based on revolutionary sound processing, superior product quality and professionalism.

    Sonic Cheer hearing aids

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