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We offer hearing tests and hearing aids at our hearing clinic in Rangiora

Welcome to the Audika Rangiora hearing clinic, where our team of audiologists or audiometrists are dedicated to providing you with exceptional care including hearing tests and finding the ideal hearing aid for you. We believe in personalised hearing care, because we know that every individual is unique. So when it comes to your hearing aids, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution and it is our goal to make sure you always have the very best in hearing care. 

Our Audiologist or Audiometrist at the Rangiora Clinic can help if you;

  • think you may have a hearing loss
  • have a loved one that may have a hearing loss
  • are interested in new hearing aids
  • want to find out about how to look after your hearing and manage your hearing concerns
  • need help understanding the various funding options available, including Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) funding and Ministry of Health funding1
  • get a quote on hearing aids to see if you can save money

Hearing Aids from Rangiora will be tailored to you

Hearing aids should be as individual as you are. The advent of digital technology has enabled even the smallest model of hearing aids to be quite powerful and most models include advanced features such as multiple programs, directional microphones, feedback cancellation and noise reduction. Whether you’re an experienced or new hearing aid user, our range offers a variety of solutions that can be matched to your hearing, lifestyle and budget needs.

Book your FREE* Hearing Check in Rangiora

It’s important to have your hearing tested regularly, but here are a few reasons why you should book your free hearing check with us today if;

  • you suspect that you have had a change in your hearing
  • it has become difficult to participate in a conversation, where several people are involved
  • you are turning up the volume more often on your television to hear what is being said
  • you have turned 60 and have not had your hearing checked in the past 12-18 months

The above examples may be signs that your hearing has changed and you may have a hearing loss. If you suspect that you have a hearing loss, it is a good idea to get a FREE* Hearing Check. You can be assured that if a loss is detected, Audika’s audiologists or audiometrists will be able to provide specific and tailored advice, as we know hearing loss is often gradual and it can be difficult for yourself to notice that your hearing has changed. That's why it is advisable to have it tested regularly. 

Visit the hearing clinic in Rangiora, Now

The first step is to contact our hearing clinic in Rangiora or book an appointment for your FREE* Hearing Check. Here are a few helpful things you should know;

  • our hearing clinic in Rangiora can offer either a screening test with a Clinician or a full test with a Clinician. The type of FREE* check you are eligible for will be determined at the time of booking.  
  • subsidised hearing aids for eligible clients under the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) funding or Ministry of Health funding1 are available
  • buy with confidence with a 60-day change of mind return period, and for all Oticon, Sonic and Bernafon hearing aids a 12-month hearing aid loss and damage cover and 4-year hearing aid warranty - all part of the Audika Advantage2
  • fee-free, interest free flexible payment plan options available3
  • start your journey to improve your hearing at our hearing clinic in Rangiora by booking a FREE* Hearing Check

1  Funding options available to eligible clients.
Click here for Audika Advantage terms and conditions
Click here for further information on payment plans