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welcome to Audika NZ

Say hello to our new name




Welcome to Audika

We are one of New Zealand's leading audiology clinics with a network of 30 locations nationwide. We aim to provide tailored hearing solutions through clinical excellence and superior customer service.

We were formerly known as HearingLife, now we are Audika.

Our team at Audika, look forward to helping you, with the same friendly service. We are dedicated to helping New Zealander's hear the way they're meant to.

The signs on the outside might be changing, but the values on the inside remain the same.

Questions? We’ve got answers

Even exciting change can be uncomfortable if you’re unsure how it will affect you. Understanding that you might have some questions, we've put together a few answers to get you started.

Who is Audika?

We are one of New Zealand's leading audiology clinics, with a network of 30 locations nationwide. We were formerly known as HearingLife, now we are Audika.

What does this mean for you?

Our focus remains the same, helping you hear the way you're meant to.

  • Clinicians accredited to provide government, ACC and other subsidised funding services^.
  • Expert and personalised clinical support from your existing local team of modern hearing care experts.
  • Access to a range of cutting-edge hearing device technology

^New Zealand Government, ACC and other subsidised funding is only available to eligible clients.

Why are you changing your name?

Globally, we are part of the Demant Group, which is a global leader in hearing health care. In New Zealand, we have been operating as HearingLife with 30 hearing clinics across New Zealand. Now that we are Audika, we will continue to deliver our clients exceptional client service and clinical support, access to great hearing technology and the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment.

What about my hearing clinic team? Is that changing?

The team you have come to know and trust will remain the same. This name change doesn’t involve any change to the clinic team in your hearing clinic. Our dedicated experts are always here to help you reach your full hearing potential.

How does this affect my account and service with my hearing clinic?

This change will not affect your account or services with us. If you have a care plan in place or are on one of our flexible payment plans, the plans and details remain the same. As always, we are dedicated to providing the best hearing solution to the hearing loss, budget, and lifestyle needs of each of our clients. 

Do you still offer the same products and services?

Yes, we still provide the latest in hearing aid technology and an outstanding client experience. This name change is not affecting our product offerings or services. We have some exciting developments coming soon, where we will be expanding our hearing solution offerings to include bone anchored devices and implant technology.

Always read the label and follow instructions.

When is it all happening?

From September 2nd, we will make the change to Audika. You'll see a new website and new brochures which reflect the new name. Over the course of the year and begining of next year, we will update all of our clinic signs.