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Hearing loss often occurs gradually over time and can be difficult to recognise.

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The best way to determine any loss is to be professionally tested. To see whether you would benefit from a test, try this simple self-assessment:

  • Does it seem like people mumble more than they used to?

  • Do you have difficulty understanding when someone speaks with a whisper?

  • After a long conversation, do you feel tired or irritable?

  • Do you find yourself frequently asking people to repeat themselves?

  • Is it difficult to follow a conversation in crowded restaurants or group situations?

  • Do you find you miss part of the conversation when there’s a lot of background noise?

  • Is carrying on a telephone conversation difficult?

  • Do you ever have trouble noticing the doorbell or the telephone ring?

  • Do you need to turn up the volume on your TV or radio to enjoy the programs?

  • Does your family ever mention that you have difficulty following conversations?

If you have answered YES, or SOMETIMES, to any of the questions above, then we recommend a hearing test to evaluate your auditory ability.

We also recommend assessments for:


  • Who had meningitis, encephalitis, mumps or measles

  • With a family history of auditory loss

  • With a complaint of auditory loss, sudden loss

  • With tinnitus

  • Working in noisy environments

  • Who have been treated for cancer



  • Who did not have a screening assessment at birth

  • With recurrent nasal infections, colds, bronchial problems and otitis media

  • With delayed speech and language milestones

  • With a family history of learning difficultiesWho present with scholastic problems

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