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Industrial hearing loss

You may be eligible for funded hearing aids through the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)

Industrial Hearing Loss

Do you work in a noisy environment? Whether you’re in building, construction or entertainment, noise isn’t something you should ignore.

Specifically within New Zealand, 25% of the New Zealand workforce works within ‘noisy’ industries such as (but not limited to) manufacturing, construction and miningo. This staggering statistic can have a serious effect on our nation's workers, as overexposure to loud volumes can result in industrial hearing loss.

°Deloitte Access Economics 2016, 'Social and economic costs of hearing loss in New Zealand', The National Foundation of the Deaf.

Do I have industrial hearing loss?

You can do a simple self-assessment to figure out whether you could already have hearing loss. Are you…

  • Having problems following a conversation in a noisy environment?
  • Misunderstanding what people say, or think they are mumbling?
  • Being told that you turn the TV and radio up too loud?

If any of these scenarios sounds familiar, it could be time to take action. Fortunately, you can book an appointment at no cost with Audika, to find out whether you could benefit from a hearing aid.


What are some of the effects of industrial hearing loss?

What many people may not realise, is that once hearing is lost, it cannot be restored naturally. However, there is a range of hearing solutions and devices to treat hearing loss and enable you to hear clearly once again.

Left untreated, industrial hearing loss can impair your communication, potentially having a detrimental impact on your performance at work, possibly even being hazardous to your safety. This is not to mention the effect on any social interactions. Research has also shown that when hearing loss is undiagnosed or unaddressed, it can worsen in time.

Industrial hearing loss can also be accompanied by tinnitus, a persistent internal ringing in your ears that can be the cause of considerable distress if left untreated.

Am I eligible for ACC funding?

If you are concerned about your hearing, we strongly recommend you have your hearing checked. If the test shows that you have a hearing loss, you may be eligible for funding through the Accident Compensation Corporation, if your hearing loss is as a result of workplace noise exposure or attributed to an accident. At Audika we are here to help eligible clients through the ACC funding process, to help you access a range of solutions that meet your needs. 

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