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Why get a hearing check every year?

When you notice a problem with your health, chances are, you’re likely to seek medical help as soon as the issue arises. Though, when was the last time you received a routine hearing check-up? Visiting a hearing care expert must become as natural and obvious as an occurrence as visiting the dentist or doctor. 

Hearing is one of our most valuable senses

Hearing is easy to take for granted. Our ears are constantly suppling us with the vital information we need to communicate with each other. As we get older, our hearing can gradually get worse as the small hair cells inside our ears become damaged. 

The prevelance of hearing loss was estimated to be 880,350 people in New Zealand in 20161, with this in mind we believe every individual should have a hearing check as part of your healthcare routine. Our hearing health is important as this may also have an impact on your family and social life, as well as general health and wellbeing. 

A hearing check lets you see how you are hearing now. This gives you peace of mind and gives you insights into any listening challenges you may not be aware of. Regular hearing checks allow you and your hearing healthcare clinician track how your hearing develops overtime, noticing any changes which may require you to take action. 

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