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Book today to find out more about a FREE hearing aid trial^^ 

Getting a hearing health check is a step towards a healthier, happier life. Should you get a hearing loss diagnosis, you’ll be able to discuss the option of a 2-week FREE hearing aid trial^^. You’ll then have the time to experience the difference it can make. Love the sounds of your everyday life again.


Modern hearing aids are available in discreet styles, and they are powered by advanced technology that allows you to:

  • Hear more clearly in everyday life – even in noisy surroundings
  • Participate more in conversations with your loved ones
  • Minimise the stress and discomfort caused by impaired hearing

Book an appointment to find out more about a FREE hearing aid trial


"I hear speech more clearly, so I’m not second-guessing as much anymore. I’ve experienced what they can do in noisy crowd situations, where I would before tune out, and have been able to join the conversation as an equal."

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How can I try hearing aids for free?


Book an appointment
If you are over 65 you are eligible for a full hearing test appointment.


Complete a comprehensive hearing test
Your qualified clinician will conduct a full hearing assessment with same-day results provided.


If hearing loss is detected
Your qualified clinician will assist in choosing the best hearing aid solution for you to try.


Attend hearing aid fitting appointment
You will be given the opportunity to begin your FREE 2-week hearing aid trial^^.
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^^ Eligibility for and exact hearing aid model selected for the trial is dependent on the hearing and lifestyle needs determined at the discretion of our qualified clinicians. Read full hearing aid trial terms and conditions