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When is it time to change the battery?

Typically, a battery will keep a hearing aid powered for up to three to ten days before it needs replacing, depending on usage and the hearing aid style.


Always read the label and follow instructions.

Hearing aid batteries

You may hear two beeps when it is time to change the battery in your hearing aids. This pre-warning may be repeated at moderate intervals until the battery runs out. This may happen shortly after the pre-warning or within the next couple of hours. 

Usually the last warning before the hearing aids turn off, you may hear four beeps. Once you have inserted a new battery, the hearing aid will start up as soon as the battery drawer is closed. Make sure you place the hearing aid on immediately, as it might whistle when held in the hand.

When not in use, turn your hearing aid off by opening the battery drawer. This way you save the battery.

This information is for Oticon hearing aids and may differ for other manufacturers, consult your clinician or the instructions for use for your device if you do not have Oticon hearing aids. Always read the label and follow instructions.

Changing the batteries

If you think your battery has run out, just change it. Depending on the hearing aid style you have, whether you have a behind the ear hearing aid or a in the ear hearing aid, the process of changing the hearing aid battery is slightly different.


Please note a worn-out battery should be removed immediately and disposed of accordingly. Remember that batteries and hearing aids should be kept out of reach of children and pets. If you suspect someone has swallowed or inserted a hearing aid battery, immediately call the National Poisons Centre on  

Always read the label and follow instructions.

Need to order batteries?

Please call the Hearing Care Help Line on 0800 001 726