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Oticon Ria2™

Rediscover why good hearing is important. Excellent sound quality and options for personalisation let you enjoy better hearing, even in noisy situations.

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Always read the label and follow the instructions.

Sounds to suit you

No one hears sound the same way and no two lifestyles are the same. Oticon Ria2™ is more than an amplifier, it is sound adapted to your unique needs. 

Oticon Ria2™ gives your hearing care professional options to tailor the sound to your personal hearing preferences in order to provide you with a more natural listening experience. And the technology inside Oticon Ria2™ helps you understand the sounds you hear and your hearing aids work together to give you a balanced sound experience. 

Always read the label and follow the instructions.

Features and Benefits of Oticon Ria2™

  • Oticon Ria2

    Tailored to your needs, no two people see, hear, and feel in the same way. YouMatic considers the lifestyle and personal preferences of each listener.

  • Ria2

    Zoom in on what's important. Free Focus makes you able to extract sounds from background noise and switch focus whenever needed.

  • ria2 oticon

    Hug and kiss without whistling. Inium Sense Feedback Shield controls hearing aid feedback, ensuring continuously high sound quality for comfortable wear during the day.

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