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Simply closer to reality. A hearing aid that helps you experience sound the way nature intended.
Always read the label and follow the instructions.



Instantly immerse yourself in Viron's natural sound experience

It's like taking a picture with a basic camera when your target is already on the move. The image is never quite able to reflect the beauty of the moment. In comparison, a Viron hearing aid will feel like the professional camera wildlife photographers use. It captures that moment in real-time. The system detects and analyses the environment with 32,000 data points and processes the sound 20,000 times per second. This True Environment Processing™ hearing aid allows you to experience sound simply closer to reality.

Always read the label and follow the instructions.

Features and Benefits of Viron™

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How is Viron™ different?


Viron helps you be in the moment

With Viron's core technology DECS™, we offer you a perfect combination of multiple key features to maintain natural and clear sound. Real-time sound detection, analysis, and processing enable you to follow conversations more easily, even in challenging listening situations*.

Adding to your comfort is Bernafon's new Dynamic Feedback Canceller™. Whistling sounds don't become an issue as they are eliminated super-quickly within milliseconds. 


*2017: Based on clinical trial data acquired at Bernafon AG, Bern Switzerland

Viron processes sound as it happens

With Bernafon Viron™ industry-leading DECS™ technology provides you with maximum listening comfort and reduces your listening effort*. Altogether, it allows you to better focus on the moment and delight in the most realistic sound experience. 

*2017: Based on clinical trial data acquired at Bernafon AG. Bern Switzerland.

Power for the entire day with Viron's rechargeable solution

With Viron miniRITE T R, you can simply forget about changing or buying batteries. The elegant rechargeable hearing aid comes with wireless technology, a telecoil, double push button, and an LED light that displays the charging status.

The long-lasting, lithium-ion battery is fully charged within only three hours. Enjoy an entire day of power with Viron rechargeable hearing aids, including phone calls and sound streaming from other devices.


*2017: Based on clinical trial data acquired at Bernafon AG, Bern Switzerland
Always read the label and follow instructions

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