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Simply closer to reality. A hearing aid that helps you experience sound the way nature intended.
Always read the label and follow the instructions.



Features and Benefits of Viron™

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  • Attentuates disturbing noise extremely quickly, even in between words. When multiple noises are present, the noise level tracker adapts according to the most intrusive noise source. If noise overlaps, the loudest noise will be suppressed.

  • Features an anti-feedback system, which rapidly and effectively controls feedback without compromising audibility or sound quality. Sound quality may be free from whistling in more challenging situations.


Viron helps you be in the moment

With Viron's core technology DECS™, we offer you a perfect combination of multiple key features to maintain natural and clear sound. Real-time sound detection, analysis, and processing enable you to follow conversations more easily, even in challenging listening situations*.

Adding to your comfort is Bernafon's new Dynamic Feedback Canceller™. Whistling sounds don't become an issue as they are eliminated super-quickly within milliseconds. 


*2017: Based on clinical trial data acquired at Bernafon AG, Bern Switzerland

Viron processes sound as it happens

With Bernafon Viron™ industry-leading DECS™ technology provides you with maximum listening comfort and reduces your listening effort*. Altogether, it allows you to better focus on the moment and delight in the most realistic sound experience. 

*2017: Based on clinical trial data acquired at Bernafon AG. Bern Switzerland.

Is Oticon Siya the right hearing solution for you?

Siya helps you get the most out of every day sounds and experience the riches in every moment. Speak to our highly trained clinicians to see if this device is suitable for your hearing health needs.