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Audika Nelson earwax removal services 

You can book a quick and easy ear wax removal service with one of our hearing care experts at Audika Nelson. Talk to us today, about microsuction ear wax removal. Phone 03 544 1184 to book your appointment.

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How are earwax blockages removed?

Earwax is a naturally occurring substance in the ear canal. It’s actually good for your ears, helping to keep the skin healthy and prevent infection at the same time. Some people suffer from excessive earwax, and this can be safely removed and managed by one of our expert hearing care professionals at Audika Nelson. Wax can cause hearing loss, and it can interfere with a hearing test or the use of a hearing aid

How much is an earwax removal? 

Our earwax removal fee is $50 for both ears. Unfortunately we are not able to offer ACC subsidies on our ear wax removal service.  An appointment is required and must be booked direct with the clinic.  You can do this by calling them on 03 544 1184.


Earwax removal methods we recommend avoiding:

FAQ About earwax removal

6 common signs of hearing loss

Changes in your hearing may be a sign of earwax build-up, but they can also be a sign of hearing loss. Study the 6 common signs of hearing loss to learn what to look out for:

Image shows people in conversation
Difficulty following conversations
You have difficulty following group conversations (or when background noise is present)
Image shows man looking at his phone
Phone conversations are unclear
You have trouble following phone conversations in both quiet and noisy places
Image shows woman holding her hand up to her ear
People seem to be mumbling
You often ask people to repeat themselves. Sounds seem unclear, or people sound like they are mumbling
Image shows the side of a woman's face
Difficulty locating sounds
You have difficulty locating where sounds are coming from
Image shows woman holding hands to her head
Signs of tinnitus
You experience ringing or buzzing sounds in your ears (called tinnitus)
Image shows couple holding each other
Turning up the TV too loud
Your friends and family say you turn the television up too loud