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The Audika Advantage

The many benefits that come when you choose Audika

Enjoy the advantage

At Audika, we specialise in personal hearing health that’s tailored to you.

Right from the start, we’re here for you to help you along your hearing journey.

Key features that benefit you

When you choose Audika, you’re immediately covered by real benefits to help you stay hearing healthy.

Generous 60-day change of mind return period
Generous 60-day change of mind return period
Fee-free, interest-free, flexible payment plan
12-month loss and damage cover
Peace of mind
Peace of mind 4-year device warranty

It's all part of the Audika Advantage

You’ll also have the support of other features such as:

  • No obligation, 7-day free trial of our latest hearing devices
  • Accredited provider under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program
  • Highly qualified clinicians
  • Flexible appointment options
  • Hearing care help line
  • Access to the latest in hearing care technology
  • Specialist referral network. A collaboration between Audika, implant clinics and Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialists across Australia.

Oneplan is a low-cost plan that provides coverage against theft, loss, and damage. Some plans can offer full coverage for as little as £75 per year. 

Got questions?...We have answers

Call us for more information about how Audika is right for you.

1800 340 631 .

Read the Audika Advantage terms and conditions for more information.