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In the ear

In the ear hearing aid styles

Hidden in the canal style hearing aids; In the ear (ITE), in the canal (ITC) and completely in the canal (CIC) are a range of custom made hearing aids that are individually moulded to fit the contours of the wearer's ear.

in the ear hearing aids

In the ear hearing aids, ITE

In ear hearing aid components are housed in a shell, which may be either a half shell or full shell covering that sit snugly and securely in the visible part of your ear with no wires or tubes to contend with. In the ear hearing aids are for those who prioritise easy handling to control and adjust.

Hearing aids in the ear are easier to manage and use than the smaller in-the-canal hearing aids. This style of in the ear hearing aids are usually more suitable for clients who may have moderate to severe hearing loss. With the secure fit, they may also be best suited for those that live an active lifestyle1

Completely in the canal hearing aids

CIC hearing aids are similar to the in the ear hearing aids, however are only slightly visible and sit completely in the ear canal and may be hidden well with colours that match your hair and skin tone.

Completely in the canal hearing aids may be for people with mild to moderately servere hearing loss. These hearing aids can have a button that allows you to change settings for different environments. This makes CIC hearing aids more suitable for people who want discreet hearing aids and have the option to manually control them using a button.

Not everyone has ear canals that are suitable for CIC hearing aids, speak to your hearing healthcare clinician to give you more advice1.


In the canal hearing aids

In the canal hearing aids
style sit in the ear canal, they are more visible in the lower part of the ear, as they have a small faceplate as compared to the Invisible in the canal and completely in the canal hearing aids. The in the canal hearing aids accommodate large batteries and on-instrument control buttons such as volume and programme button, allowing for easy control and handling1.


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