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How hearing loss may affect your loved one

"by " Albert Stein

Often hearing loss can creep up on people, as it gradually worsens over time.

As a result, many people don't notice its arrival and are only alerted to its development by their friends and close family members.

If you think you've spotted the signs of hearing loss in a loved one, it is important that you encourage them to visit a trained clinician to see how overcoming the impact of hearing loss can bring  to their quality of life.

Here are some of the ways hearing loss affects people.

Many people with hearing loss find their self-confidence is affected as they find it difficult to communicate with other people with their self-esteem may drop as a result.

Social withdrawal is common as those affected may be concerned about misunderstanding others and responding to questions in conversations inappropriately.
This also means they may not take up all the social opportunities offered to them due this concern.

If your loved one is still in the workforce, they may encounter problems taking up job and professional opportunities.

They may find it difficult to partake in meetings and conferences, as problems hearing when multiple people are speaking at once are common.

They may feel isolated and unsure how to approach these issues.

Once you have persuaded your loved one to have a hearing test, they may be able to use hearing aids or other equipment to improve their hearing.

This will help them not only to understand what is going on, but may improve relationships, both socially and professionally, as self-confidence in their ability to understand and respond appropriately is restored.

You may also feel safer knowing they can look after themselves in an emergency situation as they would be able to hear a fire alarm, car horn and better understand the instructions of their doctor.