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Tips for playing sports with hearing aids

"by " Albert Stein

When you first get hearing aids, it can bring a significant change to your life. However, once you begin to adapt to your new devices, you'll realise how they can enrich your everyday interactions and experiences.If you often play sports, you might be wondering how wearing hearing aids might affect your ability to participate. Here's what you should know.


This will depend on the type of sport! 

If you participate in water sports, from waterpolo to swimming, you'll need to remove your heading aids – water and circuitry don't mix! 

However, in a range of other active pursuits, from soccer and rugby to rockclimbing and athletics, you should be able to take part without needing to remove your hearing aids. 

Often one of the main concerns for wearing hearing aids while being active is not the risk of the sport, but the damage that can be caused due to perspiration!

While modern hearing aids are designed to handle a bit of moisture, it's still a good idea to minimise contact with sweat. You can do this by wearing a headband, whether it's a standard band or one made for use with hearing aids. 

It's also important to keep your hearing aids secured while you're playing, which can often be achieved by using a special clip for your hair or garments. Be sure to speak to your local Audika clinician to discuss what could work for you. 

For those who play contact sports such as rugby, it's a good idea to use protective headgear to shield your devices from any rough bumps and hits. While some people may prefer to not wear their hearing aids at all when they play, others find it beneficial to be able to communicate clearly with their other team members.

According to professional English rugby player, Matt Gilbert, having properly fitted ear moulds – preferably made from a softer material such as silicone – can help to make for a more comfortable experience on the field*.

For more advice on how to take care of your hearing aids, feel free to get in touch with the team at Audika by calling us on 1800 340 631. If you think that you or a loved one could benefit from a hearing solution, you can click here to request a hearing test.

*Hearing Like Me, 3 tips for playing contact sports with hearing aids. Accessed June, 2017