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Does it take time to adapt to wearing hearing aids?

"by " Albert Stein

audika-fb0119-05Thanks to the ever-advancing nature of technology in this modern day and age, having a hearing problem doesn't mean that a person will never be able to participate in social situations ever again. 

On the contrary, a great many people can find their conditions to be largely manageable through a solution such as hearing aids. However, with the complex nature of the perception and recognition of sound, remedying lost hearing isn't just as simple as fitting a hearing device. 


"Hearing aids are not an easy fix to hearing loss," says Assistant Professor of nursing Kari Lane from the University of Missouri. "Unlike glasses, which provide instant results, it takes more time for the brains of hearing-aid users to fully adjust to the aids and new sounds they could not hear before."*

While hearing aids can help to make sounds clearer and louder, it can take time for someone to get used to identifying speech from background noise. 

Abby Davies from Action on Hearing Loss suggests that people adjust to wearing their new hearing aids slowly, rather than wearing them all the time from day one.*

"The brain draws attention to any novel sounds. Someone with normal hearing who's used to hearing background noise all the time ignores it because it knows it's not of any interest, but for someone who hasn't the brain will draw attention to those sounds," explains Ms Davies.*

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