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What are some top listening strategies?

"by " Albert Stein

 If a loved one faces hearing loss, you may wonder if there are any techniques you can employ to help you communicate better.

As well as considering hearing aids, here are a few tips that will help you to hold a fulfilling conversation.

Before trying to have a chat with your special someone, it is important to make sure you have their full attention. Start off by saying their name. You may find it useful to move to one side if they hear better in one ear than another.

Alternatively, you could touch his or her arm or shoulder lightly as this may prepare them to listen.

When you are talking, make sure you keep your hands and arms away from your face as this can prevent people from being able to see your lips and means you can speak more clearly.

It is also essential you avoid changing the shape of your lips and mouth as many people with hearing loss use lip reading to improve comprehension.

Make sure you do not talk with food or chewing gum as this can influence the shape of your mouth.

Sometimes it may be easier to think of a new way to say something rather than repeat what you have said, as the sounds you first chose may be difficult to understand and your loved one may react differently a second time around.

Your facial expressions add value to what you are saying and your loved one may find they can better understand you if they can see your body language.

It may also be harder for your loved one to understand what you are saying in a dimly lit room. Try to move somewhere with brighter overhead lights, or in front of a window so they can better see what is happening.