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The experts behind the hearing test

"by " Albert Stein

Many times, people who come into one of our Audika clinics will leave more informed about the state of their hearing. It's a supportive process that helps people find the right hearing solutions if they experience any changes in their hearing.

However, less thought is given to the actual audiologist who performs the test and provides the information. They have to go through at least five years of education and clinical practice to become the expert you see behind the desk. Let's take a further look into the life of an experienced audiologist.

Audiologists go through a year-long internship to gain valuable, first-hand experience.

An audiologist in Australia needs to complete a Master of Clinical Audiology in order to start practicing in a local clinic. There are around six universities in Australia that offer this course as it can be a niche subject to study, but the payoff in a rewarding, stimulating industry is not something you can put a price on.

After finishing their years of relevant education, an aspiring audiologist has to complete a year-long clinical internship. This is where they gain valuable first-hand knowledge about the day-to-day operations of an audiologist in a hearing clinic. They will be monitored by experienced professionals who have already been through the same process and are established as an expert in the field.

For overseas audiologists, it is a requirement that they also undertake this same internship. This helps them to find their footing in an Australian hearing clinic, developing the confidence needed to support our healthcare system.

It ensures that your audiologist, no matter their background experience, has the capabilities to help anyone that needs assistance with their hearing.

Once a student has successfully passed their internship, they are then awarded a Certificate of Clinical Practice (CCP). This needs to be reviewed every two years, maintaining the standards of audiologist conduct to a high degree of quality.

Our audiologists are all qualified to meet the Certificate of Clinical Practice.

It provides peace of mind, knowing that your audiologist is fully qualified to help you on your hearing journey. You should be aware that for some visits, you may be asked if it is okay for an intern to sit in on your test or consultation. If you don't feel comfortable discussing your hearing with two audiologists, feel free to let them know.

You'll see that it is a learning experience for both your audiologist(s) and yourself, as well as any support persons you bring along.

If you'd like to make a booking for a hearing chech, click here, or give us a call on 1800 340 631. Our audiologists are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.