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How much do you know about tinnitus?

"by " Albert Stein

At Audika, we are used to encountering people with a range of hearing concerns, from presbycusis, to noise-induced hearing loss and even tinnitus. This last condition isn't always the best understood, with a great number of people uncertain about what tinnitus involves. 

We are shedding light on the condition, and how tinnitus sufferers can seek relief for their symptoms. 

As tinnitus is a phenomenon which is 'heard' in the person's ears, it is difficult to ascertain exactly what tinnitus sounds like if you do not experience it yourself. For one, people tend to describe it differently, from a ringing sound akin to a bell, to a humming or buzzing sound. 
Tinnitus can also fluctuate throughout the day, at times basically unnoticeable, while at others being intrusive and distracting. 

There isn't a single cause for tinnitus, but some of the known contributors to the condition include overexposure to loud noise, Meniere's disease and certain medications*. According to the Victoria government's Better Health Channel, 16-20 per cent of Australians are believed to live with tinnitus to varying degrees*. 

Unfortunately, tinnitus cannot be cured entirely, but it can be treated thanks to modern innovation in medical technology producing a tinnitus-specific hearing device. Other coping methods for tinnitus can include meditation and mindfulness, as well as counselling to help people come to terms with their condition. 
If you know someone who is battling with ringing in their ears, or believe that you may have tinnitus, click here or call 1800 340 631 to request an appointment with your local Audika clinic.

*Better Health Channel, Tinnitus. Accessed January, 2016