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Tips for hearing loss during the Christmas period

"by " Albert Stein

'Tis the season to be merry! You'll find that all the green and red decorations at local shops tend to make people generally more lighthearted, happy and relaxed. Perhaps it's because holidays are looming up, or perhaps because it's the time of year when family and friends are available to socialise.

However, if you have hearing loss, it can also be a time of the year when you feel overwhelmed and isolated. Being in rooms with multiple streams of conversation, people talking over one another, it can make it difficult to keep up, and as such, you may withdraw from social situations.

This year, that won't happen. We're here to give you the best tips to ensure that the festive season stays merry – no matter your degree of hearing loss!

Background noise can create something called the Lombard effect – when people all speak louder to be heard.

If you're attending a party have a quick word with the organiser before the fun day. Let them know that you have hearing loss so you're both on the same page, and suggest the following ideas to help everyone have a good time.

Help create a seating plan that  positions you away from music or the television blaring. This background noise can not only muffle other streams of conversation, but also creates something called the Lombard effect. It's when people speak louder to be heard over background noise, increase the overall volumes in a room. 

Let your host know that it's best for you to sit with a wall behind you – this way, you won't get noise coming from all directions.

Of course, hearing your loved ones can be made much less complicated if you're equipped with the correct hearing solutions. Make sure you visit your local hearing clinic well before the Christmas season hits for a proper assessment. It can get quite busy, with many people needing last-minute advice, so you'll need to book a consultation in advance.

Just click here to make a booking.

With the correct hearing solution fitted, this will reduce the strain of your brain trying to place all fragmented sounds to memory, and so, you're less likely to feel isolated or left out of conversations. Modern hearing aids allow you to switch seamlessly between speakers, emulating the natural way we hear.

Make sure your hearing solutions are all up to date before the busy Christmas season.

If you've only just gotten hearing aids, you'll need to train your brain to get used to wearing and hearing through one. Why not your ears? Well, contrary to popular belief, you actually hear with your brain and not your ears. The ear canal is merely a vessel to convey sound, where delicate sensory hairs pick up the vibrations of noises and transmits this information to your brain.

Just like wearing new glasses, it's best to adjust your brain slowly, and so, you'll want to start before the number of Christmas parties come around. 

Your audiologist should be able to give you the best advice when first using a hearing aid. If you have any questions, feel free to give our team a call on 1800 340 631.