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Oticon Siya™

Make everyday more alive. Oticon Siya™ hearing aids help you hear better, so you can focus on every precious moment.

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Always read the label and follow the instructions.

Seize the day with Oticon Siya™

Oticon Siya™ gives high-resolution sound, so it can capture the rich, natural details and reproduce the nuances in a comfortable way.

The feature Multiband Adaptive Directionality LX helps you focus in on the sounds in front of you, by gradually shutting out other sounds when a situation becomes very noisy.  It adapts extremely quickly, making it easier for you to follow conversations in noisy environments, like a family dinner.

Always read the label and follow the instructions.


Features and Benefits of Oticon Siya™

  • Adapts rapidly to different listening scenarios in 15 independent frequency bands. Oticon Siya™ responds progressively to noise sources in each frequency band until full directionality is needed.

  • Captures the rich natural details of sounds and reproduces the nuances. This is thanks to the category-leading resolution from 48 frequency channels.

  • Attenuates disturbing noise extremely quickly, even reducing noise between words.

  • Offers a wide range of customisable tinnitus relief sounds.

How is Oticon Siya™ different?

Oticon Siya

You hear with your brain

Did you know? You hear with your brain, not your ears. Your ears capture sounds so your brain can identify, locate and decide which sounds to listen to. BrainHearing™ technology in Oticon Siya™, helps your brain understand sounds more easily and support the way your brain naturally makes sense of sound. 

Nothing fills our lives with joy like the simple things we do. Like when you make a child laugh or have a good chat with a friend. Oticon Siya™ hearing aids help you hear better by amplifying the rich details of sounds, so you can focus in on every precious moment.

Experience the riches in every moment.

Oticon Siya™ has a powerful chip inside that processes sound 50 times faster than our previous generation processor, Inium Sense. This enables it to deliver excellent sound quality that helps improve your speech understanding, so you can experience the joy of everyday sounds. 

What's more? Oticon Siya™ helps you focus in on what you choose to hear and has powerful noise reduction - so fast it even reduces noise between words. With Oticon Siya™, it's much easier to follow conversations in noisy environments, like a family dinner.

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