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Ministry of Health

The MOH has two types of funding available for hearing aids: The hearing aid funding scheme and the hearing aid subsidy scheme. Depending on your circumstances and type of hearing loss, you may be able to get help from one of these schemes.

An easy way to pay for your hearing aids

Financial constraints can be one of the reasons why many who may need hearing aids put off purchasing them. At Audika we are here to help, our payment plan offers flexible payment options with a variety of benefits to support your hearing needs. 

  • Easy application process

    Your Audika team will help you with any paperwork regarding the Payment Plan.

  • Easy approval process

    With quick approval and no administration fees, we will have you hearing how you're meant to.

  • Easy payment arrangements

    Monthly payment is automatically drawn from your account via Direct Debit.

Program structure

Our flexible payment plan is designed to help support your needs and is a convenient way to purchase hearing aids, simply pay overtime with regular repayments, along with:

  • No interest1
  • No administration fees
  • Payback period options of: 6, 12, 18 or 24 months
  • Applies to purchase of one or more of our hearing devices
  • 25% initial payment of the total purchase price required (due at the time of the fitting appointment)2

You can also customise your program together with your Audika clinician, as you have the flexibility to choose from different payback periods, payment dates and make additional payments at any time.

1 Interest may be charged by your financial institution. 2 If you fail to make a payment under this agreed plan you will need to reimburse us for costs and expenses that we incur.

Payment options

We have 4 payment options to help you reach your full hearing potential and make supporting your needs more affordable.  


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